Islands of Tofino

I recently uncovered one of the most rustic and naturally beautiful places I have ever seen... Tofino, British Columbia.  With it's prehistoric landscape and countless islands, there's no limit to the adventure that can be found here. Some of my favorite activities included paddle boarding, ocean kayaking, surfing, hiking and just cruising around the beaches on a beach cruiser.  I was pleasantly surprised when Mike's Bikes delivered a brand new beach cruiser to my campsite.  I highly recommend Mike's Bikes to anyone looking to rent a bike.  

I completed two hikes which I highly recommend as well.  The first hike was to the top of Lone Cone which had magnificent views from the top.  Lone Cone is one of the tallest island and requires a 20 minute boat ride to get to the trail head.  I recommend Tofino Water Taxi for the boat ride over. Once on the island of Lone Cone, it's a 2,200ft vertical ascent to the top.  This hike is grueling but the views at the top are worth it; you can see all of Tofino, the peninsula and dozens of surrounding islands from the peak.  The hike took about 5 hours start to finish.  The other hike I did was much easier, only about a 2 hour hike to a WWII bomber crash site deep in the temperate rainforest.  This hike is called the Bomber Trail or Canso Crash Site and is on the mainland of Tofino so it does not require a water taxi.

The local culture seemed to revolve around surfing and art, with a entrepreneurial spirit and a little hippy as well.  There was tons of live music on the streets of downtown Tofino and even on the beach!  The food was also fantastic and I would highly recommend Shelter to anyone looking for an amazing yet laid back dining experience.

I camped on the beach for 6 nights at MacKenzie Beach and it was just perfect.

I put together a short aerial video to show the Islands of Tofino in all it's beauty.  Enjoy!